After extensive research and numerous test models of Fibre Cladded Board structures, Nutec Wendy Xtreme is able and proud to give the facts regarding these structures. 


1. Nutec Boards are Fibre Cement Boards composed of cement, organic fibre and silica. The word 'Nutec' is well known in South Africa as it has been given to these boards by a Large Manufacturer who manufactures SABS-standard boards. There are a large amount of importers who actually import inferior quality fibre cement boards from the cheapest suppliers internationally at the lowest possible price, dumping sub-grade boards into the market and supplying them to the Wendy house trade, who then advertise and sell them as Nutec Units.


2. Solid Timber Structured Units cladded with Fibre Cement, are either cladded in the Orignal American Overlap system, or flat sheets are attached to the timber framework.

    A) The Original American Overlap System Is the best  for a number of reasons: the water runs away from the wall and drips to the ground as opposed to running down the wall collecting volume as it

decends; the Overlapping effect provides strength to the boards and structure.

    B) The flat sheet method where Flat sheets of Fiber Cement are attached to the Framework. These units must have solid timber backing to support and strengthen the flat sheets.


NB The fact that our units have upright studs at 300mm centres, means that we can supply the American Cladded Units without timber backing planks, however, it is far better to have the best of both worlds providing warmth insulation AND supporting the Nutec Cladding. (See top right hand picture showing the interior of a Nutec unit, note how close the Hardwood upright beams are and the solid wood cladding to support the Nutec) This is what makes Nutec Units more costly, but ensures the products lifespan!


3. Good quality fibre cement has its pros and cons, and it is important to understand the properties of the product.

    A) As a large percentage of the board is cement and silica, the boards are extremely heavy when compared to conventional timber. This causes additional weight for the wall studs and floor bearers to carry. This being the reason why we use select grade hardwoods such as Saligna, Eucalyptus or Meranti, and put our studs at 300mm intervals on these structures.

    B) Fibre cement is porous and can absorb large amounts of water in wet seasons, which adds considerably to the weight of the boards, placing excessive stress on an already stressed framing structure.

    C) In dry seasons, the board becomes extremely brittle and can crack fairly easily, making it difficult to work with and also making the walls weak and can break easily if bumped or damaged in some way. This being the reason that a timber backing is essential on Flat Sheet Nutec Units.

    D) Good quality Fibre cement outlasts SA Pine Timber tenfold - another reason why Nutec Wendy Xtreme provides hardwood in the structure, as it is far more durable and provides the longest possible lifespan to the end product. (What good is it if the Cladding lasts but the frame it is attached to does not!!!)

    E) Fibre Cement can be painted with standard home paints, matching the colour of the home to the unit standing in the garden, without the preparation that is needed for timber to be painted in colour.