The difference between a Dog Kennel and a Dog House is that the Dog Kennel is for the Dog/s only. The Dog House has much Higher walls and a door for Humans to enter, they are also much larger in Floor Space.

We have 8 standard unit Dog Kennels:

Small:            400mm x 600mm (floor area) & 500mm (height) - Designed for Short-legged Jack Russel / Daschund / Yorkie / Miniature Breeds / Etc. Sized Dogs

Medium:        550mm x 800mm (floor area) & 600mm (height) - Designed for Staffordshire Terrier / Foxterrier / Pug / Maltese / Mini Schnauzer / Etc. Sized Dogs

La-Med:         600mm x 1000mm (floor area) 850mm (height) - Designed for Border Collie / Pit Bull / Cocker Spaniel / Bull Terrier / Etc. Sized Dogs

Large:            750mm x 1000mm (floor area) & 900mm (height) - Designed for Labrador / Husky / Geman Shepherd / Alsatian / Boxer / Etc. Sized Dogs

Ex Large:       800mm x 1200mm (floor area) & 1100mm (height) - Designed for Boerboel / Rottweiler / Bovier / Great Dane / Weimeraner / Etc. Sized Dogs

Super XL:      1200mm x 1200mm (floor area) & 1100mm (height)

Jumbo XL:     1200mm x 1500mm (floor area) & 1100mm (height)

The Giant:      1500mm x 1500mm (floor area) & 1100mm (height)